Friday, 21 October 2016

Hello Guys! Hacking is very curious topic from my side. What about you think? I think some basic hacking techniques should be known for everyone. Many institutes and companies provide the paid education about these hacking techniques. In colleges and universities workshops/lectures on the hacking is also arranged because of the students interest. I also have so much interest in hacking and whatever I learnt in this I am sharing by this platform one by one or you can say step by step.

So friends are you interested to know hacking tips? In this article I will tell you the various hacking techniques and they are mainly focused on password hacking. Hacking doesn’t have any fixed classification but I tried my best to cover all techniques according to my knowledge.
There is no possibility to provide complete knowledge about the techniques so I am giving you the basic knowledge of all techniques.
Computer Terminals (Servers) Hacking: By using the following methods we may control the terminals (servers) or may it will become useless. These hacking techniques are in use from a long time and people use them today also.

Denial of Service:

Using the DoS attack hackers can down the network without any internal access. Bogus Traffic (may be e-mail, transmission control protocol, TCP packets etc.) has been put on the access routers by controlling them using DoS attacks. 

Distributed DoS:

Distributed DoSs are the multiple DoS attacks by the multiple sources. It is very complicated to stop any single DDoS attack because it use multiple and changing source IP address. 


Sniffing means interception on TCP packets or attack on TCP packets. This can be done by simple eavesdropping or with the help of sinister. 


Spoofing means to send illegitimate packet to a hacker which also include expected acknowledgement (ACK) and hacker can guess/ predict or obtain by the help of snooping.

SQL Injection:

SQL injection is a code injection hacking technique that can control security vulnerability of application database layer. In this normal SQL commands are used to access in database. 

Viruses and Worms:

Virus and Worms are code fragments that have the ability to attach them from the other programs (viruses) or machines (worms). Due to this ability it is also called self-replicating programs. Viruses and worms try to shut down the network with the help of bogus traffics. 

Back Doors:

Hackers can control on the network by accessing that’s back doors Administrative shortcuts, deciphered passwords, configuration errors and unsecured dial-ups. Hackers can search the weakness of network with the help of computerized searchers (Bots). 

Now we take the way to hack the e-mail passwords. 

Trojan Horses:

Trojan horses are the main reason of break-ins attached with the other programs. When any user download or activate the Trojan horse then this software get the control of that system. These are called Remote Administrative Tools (RATs). 


If your system is working like if you are typing something it will goes automatically by mail to the hacker. Now this is the easiest way to hack password. Key loggers performs this type of functions. So be attentive and you can search how to protect your data from the hacker on Google. 

Brute Forcing:

This is the longest and time consuming way of hacking. We suggest not use this method if you don’t know the set of password of victim (the person whose password want to hack) which makes you tired. 

Secret Question:

According to the survey of security companies it has been found security questions are very helpful for the hackers. So if you know the victim very well then it can be use. 

Social Engineering:

This is the one of oldest hacking trick. In this method you have to attempt a good faith by your victim and he will think you are a legitimate person. For account maintenance you required the password. This method can’t work in today life style because everyone has smart phone and they are maintain their accounts regularly. Everyone knows about the user scam but if you can take the password of someone then try it. 


This is also a type of keylogging. In this method you have to take user on a webpage which is created by you and as user type the password you can get that in your mail box. 

Fake Messengers:

This is the part of same application format of phishing. In this method you have to take user on your designed software and then as he enter the password you also can see that password. 

Cookie Stealer:

In this method use the cookies which are saved in the sites; decode them and if you are lucky then you may get the password. 

Ways to hack multiple accounts

DNS Poisoning or PHARMING:

Phishing is a though task. Convince someone to enter their password on our website is not a easy task so how you will feel if they are redirected directly to your website without any clue. PHARMING do this thing. 


By this method you can get the password of hackers which they use to receive password of others. So you have to control just one account and you will get multiple accounts in control. 
So friends in this post I shared the way how you can hack the accounts or passwords. If you want to know more then you can comment us. Track us by like on our page.

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

We all use the PDF files to download study material from internet or our RESUME to send it for applying a job. Am I right?? These two major uses of PDF file format you also used. If yes then do know or have any information about PDF. PDF is a type of file format which is used in computer (Soft copy) and it is very famous due to its compatibility and features. This file format is developed by the adobe company. In this article I will tell what is the PDF? How it is use? What software is required to open a PDF file? How we can convert a file to its PDF? So it is important to have the knowledge about the PDF.

PDF is also called as the Portable Data File which is used for legal documents, e-books, bank statement, income tax report; study material downloaded over the internet (may be from blog or websites) etc. Online copy of aadhar card is downloadable in the PDF format. In this way it is very user friendly format. 

Advantages of PDF file:

As its name suggest it is portable so it can be use in number of available devices. 
Using the PDF format you can store large memory space file in low memory space (Compress the file) 

It can be protected by the Password.

It is very easy to take print out (hard copy). When word file is open in a different computer in a different version then its formatting sometimes disturbed, so PDF is used in which saved format will be there in any system in any version. 
To open PDF file is very easy.

How to open PDF file?

There are the two ways to open PDF file:

Adobe PDF Reader:

This is the best way to open the PDF file. Generally it will be available in your system. But if you don’t have then you can download and install adobe reader for your system (Desktop and laptop) from adobe official website by clicking the below website link. 


Internet browser also providing PDF reader facility. It is very easy to use. If you have installed Google chrome browser then to open that; you have to just drag your PDF file and drop it on the Google Chrome browser and it will be open. 
There are many software are available to open the PDF file or you can say PDF readers. Such as: 
Portable Document Format i.e. PDF is famous on internet. Many website of colleges and government exams are offers form filling online with scan copy of documents and these scanned documents will be uploaded in the form of PDF file with a size limit.
In this article we will provide you the information regarding PDF file compression for uploading on internet. 

PDF file compression Tools:

Small PDF: 

This is an online available application which is used to compress the PDF file without any payment. This tool compresses the file to a great extent without affecting the quality much more. Here we are just talking about the file size but this tool offers many conversions also. 


This is a simple tool which is used to compress PDF files. This website compresses your PDF file’s size and takes care of compression quality also. 

PDF Compressor:

PDF compressor also provide the compression tool for PDF online. This tool has an important feature i.e. it does not reduce dpi (dots per inch) of the document for compressing the PDF file so image quality in the document is very crisp and sharp. This tool also has drag and drop interface and you can do 20 PDF files at a time for compression.
You can use these websites for reducing the size of your PDF file. This is all about the PDF from our side. I hope this post will help you. If you have any query about the PDF then you can comment us. Keep in touch by like our page.

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Saturday, 15 October 2016

Zip files are the compressed files. Many times when you click on files to open there is list of documents will be shown and many options are there for extracting files. If you are regular internet user then you ever heard about the Zip files.

Internet downloading always prefers zip files because zip files compressed in memory. So file’s memory consumption is very less and it will take less time to upload and download from the internet source. Zip file extension is .zip format. Today’s I am sharing what are the zip document? How to open these files or can say unzip these file? What software is required to open these files? After reading this post you will get the answer of these questions. 

What is The Zip File?

Zip files are preferred where collection of files has to download in a single file. When you download a number of files or download an attachment file of multiple file then it will be in zip file format. There is an advantage of zip file is that if you want to decrease the size of all collected files (called compression) then it can be done by converting in zip. After compression you can send the compressed file in mail and other resources. Besides the file compression zip files also offers the files compression facility. So you can protect the data by password.

How to Make Zip Files? 

If you have collection of files and you want to convert them in zip file to store the same type data in a single compress file which have required less memory space then their original. 
Select the files/folders whose you want to convert in Zip folder. 
Hold the selected files/folders and by right click send them to compressed (Zipped) folder.
Step 3:
Now rename your new zip file and your zipped file is ready to use and share.
In above 3 steps you learnt how to make a zip file. Now you don’t need to send file in partitions. You can share these files as your requirement. 

How to Use Extractor for a Zip File?

To open the zipped files is known as unzipping. After unzipping the zip file all files will be available in a single folder and all files are separately available. If want to unzip your zip file then follow the following steps:
Step 1: To unzip the file, select the file and do right click. After that there will be many options are available you have to click on extract all. 
Step 2: Now set the location where you want to store the file and after selecting the location click on extract button.
Step 3: You can see your files are available in your selected folder.
People generally use zip extension for saving the space in computer and protect them by applying password. You can also do for your data security. 

Where to download?

Download Zip Application Software For PC:
Download WinRAR Application Software For PC:
This is all about the zip files. I hope it will help you to understand how you can use this facility in your life. Compressed file are easy to share and take less time. If you have any questions then ask them in our comment box. We are waiting for your response. Track us by following on Facebook. Stay update! You can also subscribe us by your mail id.

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Artificial Intelligence is the term related to the computer science and technology, but is it for us? Why I take it as topic for our website? What is its role in our life? It may be around to you but never recognized that. I am telling you all about the artificial intelligence.

You will be surprised by knowing that the real meaning of artificial intelligence. Technology which is used in robots, automatic machine etc are artificial intelligence. If you think over the word meaning then you will get your question’s reply itself i.e. artificial mean human made and intelligence means capability to think or we can say in other words decision making ability. The combination of both makes humanoid robots that take his decision itself. 
As human intelligence (decision making power) development takes time similarly robot’s artificial intelligence will be developing with time and experience. ASIMO is the first humanoid robot developed by Honda Company. Now a day robots are fully automatic and designing as per the daily routine requirement. AI is itself a vast topic and many researches are going on. You see the movie robot which is based on the AI research.
Next question comes into the mind is what will be next in AI (Artificial Intelligence); Is it safe or not; so the reply is AI’s future will be safe and nice. World scientists are working continuously on this and trying to make all good and safe for all living creature. AI is the creative mind which is developed by humans. 
AI is used in many ways and many more has to come. It may be you are already using. 

Let’s take a look on types of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Types of Artificial Intelligence-

It is divided into 3 types. 

Weak Artificial Intelligence:

If we talk about the weak AI then it will be called Artificial Narrow Intelligence. Weak AI is that type of intelligence which is best in a specific task. For example: If your gaming device is designed to play Chess then its weak AI is best in chess but for other task it will be very weak. So in this way we can say a robot which works on a specific area is called artificial narrow intelligence. Weak AI robots and machines are designed as per the requirement of our work. They are not general purposed machine; but they are specific purpose machines which can work for a particular device.

Strong AI (Artificial Intelligence):

In the case of human if a person have sharp mind with good decision taking ability and sense of humor then we said them intelligent or a good common sense person. Similarly happen with the machines. Strong AI is also called as Artificial General Intelligence. 
Strong AI is a type of system where human mind and machine mind are same means to say work you can do machine can also do. Many more things that man can easily if a robot can also do then this type of strong AI is also called Artificial Wide Intelligence.


In today’s market there is no general availability of Strong AI machines but in next few years it will be available whose decision level is high as humans. If you are thinking this is the upper limit of AI then you are wrong. Scientists are working to fill them emotions and improving skills after learning from the experience and environment. For example- If we have some computers which have some different specification then we will build a new computer by the combination of good accessories from them. Then after change of generation it will be updated. This type of AI is called Singularity or Artificial Super Intelligence. 
In general we can say Singularity is the type of intelligence beyond the human ability. If human will get this ability then step by step he will become best. This will help you to improve the society and controlling power. By the use of powerful robots and machinery we can control the industries, hospitals etc. It also saves people’s life. 
Recently you read the news about driver less car testing. This is a latest example of artificial intelligence. Without driver car is out of our imagination before some years but now it is in testing mode and after some year it will be on road. So be ready to take first ride of driver less car. 
Science and technology growing with time but each new technology come with its repercussions. So use your high understanding level and sense of humor. It depends all upon us how we use this advancement. Computer scientist even Bill gates, Allen Musk said if machine and human mind developed singularity then it may be dangerous for the world. But if human follow the rules correctly then in super intelligence time robots will be converted in Artificial Emotional Intelligence.
This is the basic information about the Artificial Intelligence (AI). I hope it will be helpful for you. After reading this post you will get the knowledge of different types of AI. For any query and detail you can comment us and contact us. Stay updated and connected.

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Hacking word attracts us a lot and everyone want to learn hacking. We all humans are same in nature and want to know about private data and talks of other people. Before some days we got some query regarding through mail for hacking tips. So today I am sharing step by step hacking guide for our loving readers.

Hacking is the very curious topic and I will tell you the detailed knowledge about hacking. I also tried my best to write this post to collect all the questions that generally arise in the mind when you firstly sound hacking. So let’s begin!

What is Hacking?

Computer Hacking is a process by which we can create another goal for users (creators) by modifying computer software and hardware by interrupting in their original purpose. Hacking is the art of speak out software mistake because ‘Hack’ word is use for people who are weak in their profession, so some hacker tell about this term that is it is offensive and disable to recognize his own real skill. 

Who are the Hackers?

A hacker or White hat hacker is also known as the ethical hacker. They are the computer security expert who specialize in the penetration testing and other testing methods and ensures that information or data of the company is system secures or not. They do work for companies and these people are also known as sneakers.

Types of Hackers?

Hackers are mainly divided in 3 types according to their skill and expertise. 

White Hat Hackers: We can say them a good hacker who use their skills or knowledge for good manner such as for providing cyber security in companies, safety from hacking etc. We knew them as security experts and ethical hackers. They are legal in their work and do always in their limits.

Black Hat Hackers: Black Hat hackers are illegal in their work. These are also known as the crackers. They use their skill to hack social media account, online phishing, website hacking etc.
Grey Hat Hackers: Grey hat hackers are the term defined by the combination of white hat hacker and black hat hackers. They do some time good work and some time illegal work. So according to work requirement and needs they provide their services.

What are the Crackers?

Black hat hackers are the crackers who enter in your system illegally without any permission and notification. They do the work for their profit and sometime they interrupt in your work. They do hacking generally by data modification and destruction and can destroy your system data by distributing computer virus and internet worm. Botnet is the way by this they can deliver spam also.

Who are the Script Kiddies?

A script kiddie is an aspirant cracker. They have the less knowledge of computer working. They don’t know how computer works but they have skill to enter systems by well known and easy techniques. They can theft important files and data from your system.

Skills Requirement to become a Hacker?

Hacking is not a magic or one day learning tool. It can be learnt as other programming knowledge and tools. For learning a new thing you should have willingness with full of dedication and regularity in practice to implement. For hacking some topics are need to aware like operating systems and its working, network programming, Java script etc. No other new skill required to learn hacking. The essential tools are already familiar to us.

What is the best way to learn Hacking?

The best way to learn anything is their starting i.e. not wastes time to think about that take your first step towards learning; same as for the hacking, if you really passionate to learn hacking then start to get knowledge about hacking right now. In this post you will get the knowledge about the how to start hacking. There are many sources are available for learning like books, internet etc. But before starting hacking you should have basic knowledge about computer programming and security network which is available on internet.

How to protect your system from Hacking?

You are now moving to hack system so it become must to have the knowledge that how to protect your system from hacking. Security network knowledge is the required basic tool for protecting your system from virus, Torjan, spyware, phishing etc.

Best Way to learn Hacking (Hacking for Beginners)

If you are ready to learn hacking then following steps are here that will help you to become a good hacker.

Step-1 Start from Basics:-

Start your hacking skill as beginners are those who don’t know about hacking and this is the best way to learn knowledge. Basics starts from the knowledge & research of security network, firewalls, virus, ports, common network protocols like IP address, HTTP, SMTP, DNS, FTP etc.
You can also learn about the alternate operating system Linux (Ubuntu) whose knowledge is important for hacking. If once you will understand the basic fundamental about the hacking then you can learn any type of hacking tips or tricks very fast and easily.
Step 2- Use good resources for Hacking:-
Now come to the second step i.e. resources. Selection of resources is very important because sometime they provide fraud or impractical information that will deflect your. Always read good author’s book that are the name in hacking like Ankit Fadia (Ethical Hacker). A good resource gives you the technical information about latest vulnerabilities and also gives the possible way to exploit them. For the beginner it is tough task to find good resources who will tell the tips and tricks for Hacking.
Hacking Secrets Exposed is a good book for beginner that will tell you the hacking without any prerequisite knowledge and steps are very easy to follow. You can try its official website to know more about its author and content.
Step-3 Programming Language (Optional but Important):-
If you want to learn more about the hacking then programming is the tool which can’t be ignored or skipped. It may be possible you are using good ready tool for hacking but if you will use programming language tools like PHP and JAVA script then you can create your own tool and knowledge about the exploiting these codes.

How Long does it take to expert the skills of Hacking?

Hacking is not a thing it is a type of skill which comes your dedication and practices. If you are regularly giving time to learn hacking then it will also give you revert in the form of knowledge. It may take time of several months and years to expertise. It all depends on the person to person. It always needs a good guidance with regular practice.

So, friend it is all about from my side about hacking. I hope you will get the knowledge about ethical hacking and will improve your knowledge. If you have any query then you can write us and comment us. Keep in touch by following us. Stay updated!

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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Programming languages are very common in today’s market scenario not only for IT professionals but also other field’s persons are also learning them. The reason behind this is high market demand with handsome remuneration who knows programming skills and coding. Today I am sharing the high demanding programming languages whose knowledge is must for entering in IT sector profession. It doesn’t matter what is your stream behind the profession; programming language provides equal opportunities for the people having science, arts, and commerce streams in colleges. So prepare yourself if you want to work on a good Salary package with a high growth.
In this post we share the 10 important and high demanding programming languages in which you can learn 1 or 2 and can start your IT carrier. These languages make your Resume’s value up. These programming languages are used in many fields like financial & enterprises system managing, to maintain data, automatic EMI and balance amount etc. For them according to popularity and knowledge level we make a list of programming languages. You can go through them and increase your skills with us.

Programming Languages

In our post you also get the knowledge how you can learn these programming languages. So let’s begin my friends.

C Language:

C language is the very important programming language for general purpose which is developed in early 70’s. C is the oldest and most widely used language which provides the support for other popular languages like C#, JAVA, C++, Java Script and Python. C language is basically used in embedded applications for providing operating system implementation. Because C works as a base for your IT field, so I put it on the first position. You can create basics programming language concepts by learning C language.

Where to learn C Language:


Java is a class based languages which is completely Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPS). Because of its features it makes very compatible and important for software developing and coding. Java developed by Sun Microsystems in 1990’s. This is used in games developing, enterprise software, mobile apps, web-based content, android operating system based applications etc. Java is designed in this way to achieve the target to use it in multiple software platforms. For example you can use Mac OS x programmed windows in Java based OS.

Where to learn Java Language:

For learning JAVA we are sharing the websites which will help you to increase your skills.

C++ Language:

C++ is an intermediate level language which has object oriented programming language but it is not compulsion to define all things in class. These features are originally designed and support the C language. C++ used in the major software like winamp, Firefox and adobe programs. This is also used for developing system software, application software, high-performance servers, client applications and video games.

Where to learn C++ Language:

C# Language:

C# is pronounced as “C-sharp”. C# is a multi-paradigm language which is developed by Microsoft and this is the part of .NET initiative. In this principles of C and C++ are combined together. C# is a general-purpose language on which Microsoft and Windows platforms software has been developed.

Where to learn C# Langauge:

Objective C:

Objective C is a general purpose language which is based on object-oriented programming language (OOPS). They used to power in Apple’s OS X, IOS and APIs. I phone applications are also developed by this and due to that its demand increasing.

Where to learn Objective-C:


PHP is very famous user friendly language which is extended as Hypertext Processor. This is a free Server-Side Scripting Language which is developed for dynamic websites and application development. It can be combined directly as HTML source document without creating any external file. Due to this reason it becomes famous in between developers. It power more than 220 million websites like Facebook, Digg, Wordpress etc.

Where to learn PHP Language:


Python is a new programming language in compare to the other listed programming language. The reason behind its popularity is its properties of providing high-level server-slide scripting for websites and mobile apps. This is easy for beginners because of its readability and compact syntax. Its means to say developers can define code in some lines. This language is using in powering of Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Rdio etc.

Where to learn Python:


This is a dynamic and object oriented scripting language which is used to creating websites and mobile application development. Ruby is developed for easy writing and its ruby rail framework powers Scribed, Groupon and Shopify. As Python, Ruby is also user friendly.

Where to learn Ruby:


JavaScript is a client and Server-Side Scripting Language which developed by Netscape. It’s mostly syntax are taken from the C language. It can be used on multiple web browsers and for developing animated web functions. It also used for game development and desktop applications. Java script Interpreters used in Google’s Chrome Extensions, Apple’s Safari Extensions, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe reader and Adobe’s Creative Suite.

Where to learn JavaScript:


SQL is the Structured Query Language (SQL) which used in database management systems to manage the data. This is a special-purpose language. It is commonly used to write “Query” function which search Informational databases. SQL standardized in 1980 by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Where to learn SQL:

So friends in this list I covered the most popular 10 programming languages with help of them you can start your It carrier or can plan for IT sector. I also tried to add in where to learn segment some website links that will help to learn online from home. Some are free and some websites offered paid courses. For any query you can contact us. Follow us and stay updated with us!

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